Audience Creator Pro with Coaching Content Marketing Wizard

Your Marketing Communication Plan made Easy

The Audience Creator  is part of the Content Marketing Wizard suite.

The Content Marketing Wizard is a practical step-by-step method for building an online audience. It does do by systemizing the management of your content output on over 40 available internet channels.

The Content Marketing Wizard is targeted at Small Businesses that are unsure how to start taking advantage of online marketing opportunities or simply don't have the time to develop and manage an online marketing strategy.

Audience Creator 

The Audience Creator is the tool for drawing up a Marketing Communication Plan.

You do not have to hire an expensive marketing dude who writes some unintelligible report. Instead, you develop together with a little help from us. In a structured way, taking into account the most important aspects of content marketing, you are guided through the creation of your plan. That way, you do not have to figure everything out by yourself.

Use the Knowledge of a Marketing Expert

Take advantage of the knowledge of an expert. We offer sessions via Google Hangout and we will plan a number in which we evaluate your steps. We will give you realtime feedback and pointers on how to tweak your plan.

In the end, you will have your best marketing plan yet.

This way you will

  • Save time and money
  • Know what direction to go
  • Stay in close control of your planned marketing efforts

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The 5 steps of the wizard are:

  • Wizard 1 - Product
    Define your goals for your product or service, determine the characteristics of your market and determine measurable goals.

  • Wizard 2 - Audit
    Assess past and current marketing efforts. You define your current Audience Circle.

  • Wizard 3 - Targeting
    Determine your targeted audience, design your personas. Summarize the Unique Promise Points of the service or product you are offering. Create a list of 'problems' your audience is struggling with that you can solve. Find the niche keywords that competitors don’t use.

  • Wizard 4 - Tactics
    Determine the tactics to reach the audience you want to reach. Make a selection of the more than 40 available distribution channels and platforms. Determine the frequency on publishing the content. Determine the different call-to-action methods to convert your leads to prospects and to happy returning customers.

  • Wizard 5 - Planning
    Plan all the actions for creating and publishing content so everybody knows what to do and when. Good planning is the only way to create a sustainable process of publishing your business stories. And before you can start with executing the planning you determine the needed requirements.

Everything in the Content Marketing Wizard is explained in two ways. You work together and give explanations and instructions on how to fill out the wizard. But you can also read about the entire process in the form of a story. 

We feel that people more easily take in complex matter when it is illustrated by an example. Our story about John and Tim, complete with examples, takes this approach to another level.

Wizard Circle: What’s in the box

  • Instructions and templates to create your marketing Plan
  • The story of John and Tim, illustrating the entire process
  • The complete, filled-out Marketing Plan of John
  • Several tools that will help you in constructing your plan with video material on their use
  • Background information on the Wizard, on concepts of content marketing and tips and tricks
  • Sessions via Google Hangout in which you talk to a real person.

Other services

  • We keep you up to date on developments via our
    • social media
    • blog
    • mailing list
    • website

How it works

We use the Google Apps platform, making it very easy to collaborate with others. Purchase of the Audience Creator grants you access to the Wizard Circle with all tools, templates and manuals. All use the Google Docs format.


You need a Google account before you can access the Audience Creator Pro. This can be a full-blown Google Apps for Business account or simply a free Gmail account.

The Audience Creator Coaching Includes

  1. Exclusive one-on-one coaching in 3-10 Hangout sessions (worth USD 197)
  2. 3 Months Access to the Wizard Circle (member area) (worth USD 197)
  3. Full use of collaboration options of the Google Apps platform and unlimited chat/email support and access to make sure you stay focussed and on track (Priceless)
  4. You will also receive the recording of the Hangout sessions privately on YouTube, so you can revisit your session. If you want to record it, of course. (Bonus!)

The Investment

Euro 297 and Eur 697 (PLUS) in one up front fee.

Are we right for each other?

In order to ensure a successful outcome of the Audience Creator, we need your commitment as much as our own. After all, a large part of the the Audience Creator is a Do-It-Yourself exercise. It is important to have the right expectations of each other

Before we jump in headlong, we ask you to drop a us line and tell us briefly what business your are in, where it is at and what you’re looking for in a coaching relationship.

We’ll then schedule a 15 minute introduction call via Google Talk, Google Hangout or Skype in which we'll get to know each other and in which we'll suggest some key actions to help you progress immediately. From there on we’ll decide what we think is the best direction for coaching for you.

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Questions you may have:

Why do I need a Google Account?

The Content Marketing Wizard relies on the Google Apps platform to manage certain access-rights. It acts on Google accounts only. Therefore, it is needed that you log in to Google to gain access to the Audience Creator.

The Content Marketing Wizard is great, but what if I need more?

Awesome! We also offer Content Marketing Wizard Coaching

Any other bonuses?

From time to time, we bring discounts on the Content Marketing Wizard related service, products or tools that will help you get ahead in using the online possibilities in the best way.

What is the other part of the Content Marketing Wizard?

The other part of the Content Marketing Wizard is the Story Creator, which is about creating effective content. It will be available shortly.

Please note: We do not provide technical support related to Google services.