Content Marketing Wizard Get Attention To Give Attention

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Internet Marketing 3.0:
Creating A Marketing Strategy using this Marketing Plan Template

Door: Nick Loft, pseudoniem van auteurs Ronald Kloots en Arno van Boven 
Aantal woorden: 8485 (ongeveer)
Taal: Engels 
ISBN: 9781476317885

Korte Beschrijving

Volg de conversatie tussen ondernemer John en coach Tim, terwijl John stapsgewijs zijn strategisch marketingplan aan het invullen is. Opvallend is dat John weinig weet van marketing en zeker niet van online, maar de Wizard en Tim helpen hem dit toch in korte tijd te maken.

Dit boek beschrijft hoe John met de Audience Creator een strategisch plan maakt. Het 'Getting Attention' element van de Content Marketing Wizard methode.  

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Extended description

The Content Marketing Wizard covers both Getting Attention and Giving Attention online, to brand your business and generate a non-stop flow of leads.

Most Small Businesses struggle with online an social media campaigns. They often fail to make them an integral part of their business processes like they do with old-school marketing efforts. Without an integrated strategy, fragmented online campaigns often do not yield the desired results and can be frustrating experiences.

Studies in 2012 Benchmarks, budgets & trends by the Content Marketing Institute have shown that entrepreneurs who struggle and fail with their old-school marketing are seven times more likely to succeed using social media and content marketing.

In the Content Marketing Wizard, the complex and time-consuming process of Online Marketing is condensed into ten clear and narrowly-defined steps that together form a wizard. It is divided into two parts: the Audience Creator, and the Story Creator.

With the Audience Creator you create your Online Marketing Plan. With the Story Creator you create Content that meets all requirements of effective online content. No frills, no long-winded lectures, but a hands-on approach with templates and examples.

This book is about the first five steps of the Content Marketing Wizard: the Audience Creator. A Story on Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy

Many Small Businesses struggle with social media as well as internet marketing in general. They simply lack time and expertise to make them an integral part of their business process. But incorporating an online marketing plan in your business model is not that hard. You just need the right tools and marketing strategy.

The Content Marketing Wizard is a new, simplified online marketing method for small business. It is a set of tools with which to generate and execute an Internet marketing plan. It reduces the complex and time-consuming process of internet marketing to a series of clear steps. A practical, no-nonsense approach complete with templates and extensive examples.

We think that reading books about marketing is primarily for marketeers. After all, in the end most people are only interested in one question: what is in it for me?

That is why we present this book in the form of a short story. A conversation between small business owner John and wizard Tim as John gets his hands dirty with the Content Marketing Wizard. You can follow John’s progress from having barely a clue about internet marketing at all to completing his first online marketing plan. This way, you don't get to plow through pages and pages of theory but you get a ‘live’ example. Enjoy!