Creating Effective Stories Online

The Story Creator is part of the Content Marketing Wizard suite. The Content Marketing Wizard is a hands-on, step-by-step method to generate a continuous flow of leads by systemizing the use of social media and online marketing. It is targeted at Small Businesses that are often unfamiliar with online marketing possibilities or simply don't have the time to develop and manage an online marketing strategy.

With the Content Marketing Wizard

  • no external consultants are needed, because the Content Marketing Wizard is a practical, do-it-yourself method for online marketing.
  • you get quick results, because ten simple steps guide you through the entire process from marketing plan to creation, production, distribution, monitoring and conversion of content.
  • you get a structured framework to work in, so you don't have to figure out everything yourself.
  • have complete control of your content creation and publishing efforts, because you get the tools to manage them.

Story Creator

The Story Creator will be available soon...